A New Marketing Approach to Building Better Medical Practices.

We offer a complete and comprehensive medical marketing consultative approach.

TMMC Will listen to and identify the needs of our clients and deliver ongoing practice specific solutions and results. We help develop your clients physician referral base and better understand the needs of referring physicians to provide solid long lasting relationships.

Branding for the medical professional is now more than ever just a name on a business card. The specialized area of medicine is becoming intensely competitive so creating a unique “identity” is key to separating our clients from the rest of the field. This identity will encompass the obvious area of specialty, but more so the level of service delivered to the referring physician and patient alike. The usual collateral will accompany our daily marketing efforts and will be tailored to each client’s specific specialty.
Most offices in operation today have held steady to tried and true practices. In some cases, these offices have never changed their operational philosophy from inception. This can and has been proven to be a detriment to their overall growth and wellbeing. TMMC will offer an outside look via a “need based assessment” of each clients’ office practices. For most offices, this will focus on staff responsibilities and “intake” protocols. The goal is for each client to have an effective channel to process patients and simultaneously respond to the needs of the referring physicians.
In its simplest explanation, TMMC has partnered with some of San Antonio’s most creative design companies to assist in all areas of practice “Branding”. From WEB to Print, TMMC has a varied support group of vendors that will appeal to every budget. We can participate at any level required by each client and offer the most up to date market demands to create the most effective plan to reach our audiences.
Marketing is a multifaceted service in which we take great pride and uncompromised responsibility on behalf of our clients. It is in marketing that we do our best work in establishing a solid line of communication with both clients and customers (referring physicians/patients). We have spent years developing our knowledge of San Antonio’s medical community and establishing long standing relationships key to maintaining a steady referral base. Our main focus in the field is to use these relationships to drive patient referrals and increase client profitability. We give every client and referring office daily undivided and individual attention in order to continuously deliver what the market demands.

As TMMC, we have over 15 years experience in healthcare related marketing and management. It is by far the most integral part of our service to each client and we look forward to growing with you.
In this facet, TMMC will meet with each client in an interview fashion to listen and identify the goals of the practice. As mentioned in our Streamlining, this is done via a “need based assessment” and focused on those areas deemed most important to an initial boost, future growth and maintenance. Additionally, these solutions will be based on a SWOT analysis of their methods of practice and that identifies competitors and the needs of referring physicians and patients.