A New Marketing Approach to Building Better Medical Practices.

We offer a complete and comprehensive medical marketing consultative approach.

TMMC Will listen to and identify the needs of our clients and deliver ongoing practice specific solutions and results. We help develop your clients physician referral base and better understand the needs of referring physicians to provide solid long lasting relationships.

Referring Physician Services
The service TMMC offers to referring physicians is geared at creating an efficient channel in which to refer patients to our clients. We can best explain how we achieve this with a few simple questions. How many representatives do you see in a week? How much time do you spend being detailed and how much time does your staff spend on authorizations and referrals? We know they are too many to count and the time you lose in a day is invaluable. And finally, how would you like to have 1 representative with multiple services to offer and only 1 representative to count on?

TMMC has partnered with some of the best specialists in San Antonio. In doing so they are able to directly manage the flow of patient referrals and deliver immediate feedback to the referring offices. Our goal with each referring office is to offer in every case the convenience of service, the most competitive pricing, authorization support when possible and immediate resolution to each question an office may have. We know that fast and efficient service is the key to gaining your business, so we strive to go above and beyond to ensure the best care for your patient. We handle each client and referring office individually so we can guarantee the best possible outcome every time we visit your office. We encourage and appreciate your questions as to how our clients are doing and what we can do better. Exceeding every expectation is our goal and our commitment to you.

Even though we would prefer to gain all of your business we know that is impossible, so without hesitation on our part we are ready to offer suggestions to specialists and ancillary services outside our clients if they better suit the needs of your patient. But as a whole, we are determined to gain your trust and your business. Please review our client list and give us the opportunity to show you what your office and patients have been missing.

Jesse Saucedo Jr